Is there an order cut-off time?
    Yes, Orders placed before 11:59pm Thursdays will be delivered the following Monday.
    Do you have a minimum order amount?
    No, however orders below $50 will be subject to a delivery fee.



    Do I need to be home when my meals are delivered?

    Not at all, our meals are packed in a way to sustain a few hours out of the fridge if you're not going to be home when we deliver.

    When will my meals be delivered?

    Generally deliveries are made between 3pm and 7pm on a Monday.


    How are the meals packaged?

    Our main meals are individually packaged in either Home Compostable or BPA Free Plastic. Microwave and Oven safe containers sealed with a lidding film.

    Is your packaging recyclable?

    Yes, ALL packaging is recyclable and the majority is Home Compostable.

    Boxes - Recyclable.

    Gel Packs - Once contents is removed, the outer plastic is able to be recycled at REDcycle locations.

    Containers   - Brown - Home Compostable.

    - White/Clear - Recyclable.

                  Lidding film  - Brown containers - Home Compostable.

                                        - Plastic containers - Recycle at REDcycle locations.


    How is the nutritional panel calculated?

    All nutritional info is calculated using the Food Standards Nutritional Panel Calculator.