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Organic Australian Peanut Butter

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Our full-bodied Organic Australian Peanut Butter. Made fresh to order with only Peanuts and a pinch of sea salt you will be loving it we swear!

Please see a snippet below about Greenacres 

There are plenty of peanut farms in the South Burnett, but Greenacres near Coolabunia is a little bit different.
As the only organic peanut farm in Australia, Evan and Lois Blanch's produce has found itself in high demand across Australia. Although the move to organic farming has proven successful, Evan said it happened more or less by accident."Dad bought the place in 1961," Evan said."Along the way, he stopped using chemicals, and we thought we may as well not use them."Their 30 hectares of peanuts are dwarfed by the sizes of non-organic peanut farms in the area. But the process of organic farming can take longer and require greater effort than their non-organic counterparts."You just can't spray for weeds," Lois said."So it's hard work."She said hours could be spent using the hoe, a long-gardening tool to clear weeds. Keeping organic accreditation is a strict process and they must ensure that no chemicals or pesticides are used."They do inspections," Lois said.
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Organic Australian Peanuts, Sea salt



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